AlwaysOn Pre-Requisites

AlwaysOn Pre-Requisites

 1.Windows 2.SQL Server 3. Databases

Hotfix for .NET 3.5 SP1 adds support to SQL client for AlwaysOn.

Windows Requirement:

  1. The system should not be in a domain controller
  2. Windows server 2012 or later versions should be running on each computer.
  3. Each and every computer or node should be in WSFC (windows server failover clustering).
  4. Ensure that WSFC cluster contains sufficient nodes to support availability group configurations.
  5. 5.   The user must be a system administrator on every cluster node to administer a WSFC
  6. 6.To ensure about sufficient disk space, dedicated network adapter and coparable systesm before proceeding.

SQL Server Prerequisite:

  1. The host computer must be a windows server failover clustering (WSFC) node.
  2. Each and Every server instance must be running the Enterprise Edition of SQL Server 2016.
  3. All the server instances involved in availability group must use the same sql server collation.
  4. Make sure the Always on Availability groups feature be enable on each server instance.
  5. Each server instance requires a database mirroring endpoint.
  6. Sysadmin fixed server role requries to create endpint.

Database prerequisite:

  1. Only user databases are allowed in availability group , system databases doesn’t.
  2. The database should be a read-write database. Read-only databases can’t be added to the AG.
  3. The database must be a multi user database.
  4. Full recovery model is needed for all the databases.
  5. We need to have atleast one full database backup for each database.
  6. The database should not belong to any existing availability group.
  7. The database should be be configured already for database mirroring


Looking forward your inputs\suggestions\likes on the same!


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Mirza Husain is a senior consultant-database and having more than 10+ years of experience in the IT industry with different domains. He is fond of writing and speaking about SQL Server and also keen to learn new technologies. He is holding MCA degree and having Microsoft certifications as MCP & MCTS. He is also ITIL certified. In his past years, he worked with many clients as Microsoft, Bank of America etc. Currently he is associated with a France based client and offering his best services. You may reach him on his email id -- Thanks!
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