DBA Daily Tasks

sql-server DBA Daily Tasks

This blog is especially for those people who are preparing to be a Database Administrators or who have just started their career in the database administration field.

As a production DBA, we are supposed to perform several tasks on the servers on a daily basis to make and keep the server and database healthy. Monitoring the server is a key to safe our databases from any risk which may occurs in future. I am mentioning here only basic but very important tasks.

  1. Health Check of critical Servers
  2. Alerts from the servers needs to be acknowledged
  3. All the tickets to be checked and follow up
  4. Emails follow up
  5. Attend the scheduled client call
  6. Project work follow up
  7. Document the database environment

1.Health Check

Health checkup of the serves includes several checks which we need to perform on the critical servers and prepare a complete report. Here we need to check for database status, disk space utilization, CPU and Memory utilization, all the backups’ jobs and other maintenance jobs, error logs etc.

Important T-SQL commands can be used:

  1. Sp_helpdb
  2. Sp_spaceused
  3. Xp_fixeddrives

2. Alerts Acknowledgement

Any alert receives from the server via database mail or through any tool, we need to acknowledge and need to work upon them.

  1. Ticket Follow up

Mostly all companies use some ticketing system to get the database related issue \ task through it. All the tickets come with a SLA (service level agreement) which needs to be adhere and finish it within stipulated time frame.

  1. Email Follow up

Sometimes we get email from the client which contains a long list of database related talks which we need to work upon. So we have to follow-up on all emails and keep the status up to date without any fail.

  1. Call Attendance

For different project work related call with the clients, are scheduled and invitation goes to every team member. Therefore it is necessary for the DBA to attend the call and make the points clear on any ongoing work\ issue.

  1. Project Work Follow-up

Apart from daily routine work, project work also there which takes time and team do work side by side in parallel e.g. any database migration, AOAG setup on new servers, Server setup etc. Therefore we have to sync our self with the project work and keep updated on every task which is going on. By this way a new DBA can enhance his\her knowledge as well.

  1. Documentation

DBA performs several task in a single day and sometimes the task is a strange and new to DBA. We need to document all task either new or any project work to make every member of the team be on the same platform and make the life easy.

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About Mirza Husain

Mirza Husain is a senior consultant-database and having more than 10+ years of experience in the IT industry with different domains. He is fond of writing and speaking about SQL Server and also keen to learn new technologies. He is holding MCA degree and having Microsoft certifications as MCP & MCTS. He is also ITIL certified. In his past years, he worked with many clients as Microsoft, Bank of America etc. Currently he is associated with a France based client and offering his best services. You may reach him on his email id -- mirza_dba@outlook.com. Thanks!
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