SQL Warning Fatal Error 605 occurred? Here is A Complete Profound

If you are getting SQL error 605 while working with SQL Server then, this troubleshooting guide will help you resolve this issue.

User Scenarios:

Query-1 “I am acquiring following error while running queries from one of my tables:

sql 605

In order to resolve this, someone told me to run DBCC CHECKDB command. I ran the check however, it reported 0 allocation errors along with 0 consistency errors hence, I am not sure where to go from here. Please help!”

Query-2“Code, which was working fine till last week is suddenly throwing this exception:

sql error 605

We are using .NET Framework 4.0 on the SQL Server 2008 R2 and this exception is thrown while running the stored procedure. I have no idea that how to fix this issue. Is there any solution for this?”

SQL Server Fatal Error 605 – Problem Description

Sometimes while users try to login with a user who is not a System Administrator user then, they encounter this Microsoft SQL Error 605 message. When the severity is Level 21, the session of a user becomes disconnected. After that, the error is written into SQL ERRORLOG and the Windows Application Event Log as EventID=605. The severity also can be 12 that will just throw the error as result to the client application.

In this error message, the first allocation unit that is after the “belongs to…” is the real allocation unit. The other allocation unit that is after “not to” is the expected allocation unit.

Note: An allocation unit is an ID that determines that from which index and object a page belongs to.

SQL Warning Fatal Error 605 occurred – Find the Cause

1. Error: 605, severity: 21, state: 3.
This error message can create a serious issue with the database page or with SQL Server engine while detecting the expected allocation.

2. Error: 605, severity: 12, state: 3.
The severity of this error message also can be Level 12 if the execution of query becomes failed while using the read uncommitted isolation level. Or, the NOLOCK query executed that is also called “dirty read”.

Microsoft SQL Error 605 – Find the Solution

The manual methods to resolve the SQL error 605 depends upon the reason behind its causes. Hence, recognize the cause and opt the fix accordingly.

1. If the Error is Occurred Due to Severity 21

The page may be damaged or incorrect if you encounter the error code 2533 after running DBCC CHECKDB or the CHECKTABLE command. Hence, to resolve this issue, one needs to restore data from the server backup file. In case if the backup file in not present then, utilize DBCC CHECKDB command to repair the data file. Below points will help you to determine the actual cause of this error:

  • Analyze all the issues that are associated with hardware and system
  • Make sure to enable PAGE_VERIFY=CHECKSUM on SQL Server
  • If the backup file of SQL Server is available then, try to restore data

In case if the issue occurs even after executing DBCC CHECKDB command then, contact with the Microsoft technical support team for further help.

2. If the Error is Occurred Due to Severity 12

  • Try not to use the reading uncommitted isolation level
  • Do not modify the existing tables during execution
  • Repeat query until you did not get the error code

MS SQL Error 605 – Resolve it by Expert Solution

SQL Database Recovery tool is an ultimate solution to repair corrupt MDF and NDF SQL Server Database and export it into SQL Server. The software is capable enough to recover the deleted SQL database table’s data. Using this, one can even scan and recover Triggers, Functions, Rules, Tables, Stored Procedures. It provides support to both ASCII and Unicode XML datatype and maintains the folder hierarchy throughout the process.

Final Words

This article includes a complete information about SQL error 605. Here, we have discussed different manual solutions to resolve this SQL Server fatal error 605 . In case, if the manual tricks do not work for you then, an alternate solution is also recommended here.

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