Interview Questions

Basic interview questions and answers for my fresher technical friends:

Q & A

  1. Which TCP/IP port does SQL Server run on? How can it be changed?

SQL Server runs on port 1433. It can be changed from the Network Utility TCP/IP properties.

  1. Which command using Query Analyzer will give you the version of SQL server and operating system?

Select serverpropperty (‘productversion’),

Select serverproperty ( ‘productlevel’),

Select serverproperty (‘edition’).

3. Name the system databases?

  • Master
  • Model
  • MSDB
  • Temp
  • Resource (Hidden)

4.  Name the recovery models in Database?

  • Full
  • Bulk_ logged
  • Simple

5. What does DBCC stands for?

DBCC stands for database consistency checker

  1. What is the fundamental unit of storage in SQL Server data files and what is its size?

A page with a size of 8kb

  1. How many different types of pages exist in SQL Server?
    • Data
    • Index
    • Text/Image (LOB, ROW_OVERFLOW, XML)
    • GAM (Global Allocation Map)
    • SGAM (Shared Global Allocation Map)
    • PFS (Page Free Space)
    • IAM (Index Allocation Map)
    • BCM (Bulk Change Map)
    • DCM (Differential Change Map)
  1. What is SA login in SQL Server?

SA stands for System Administrator and it is the most powerful login in sql server.

  1. What are the authentication modes available in SQL Server?
  1. Windows
  2. Mixed
  1. What is the default fill factor value?

Default fill factor value is 0 or 100

  1. What are the DCL commands?

DCL- Data control Language


  • Grant
  • Revoke
  • Deny



About Mirza Husain

Mirza Husain is a senior consultant-database and having more than 10+ years of experience in the IT industry with different domains. He is fond of writing and speaking about SQL Server and also keen to learn new technologies. He is holding MCA degree and having Microsoft certifications as MCP & MCTS. He is also ITIL certified. In his past years, he worked with many clients as Microsoft, Bank of America etc. Currently he is associated with a France based client and offering his best services. You may reach him on his email id -- Thanks!
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